Quantum Information Science (QIS) is an emerging field with the potential to cause revolutionary advances in many areas, crossing physics, mathematics, engineering, informatics and even philosophy. The roots of this field go back about thirty years, when pioneers began thinking about the implications of combining quantum physics, information and computation.

In the course of supporting leading edge-research several Italian scientists have been involved in QIS-related projects.
However, the growing excitement and opportunities in QIS call for a careful examination of the role of Italy in this new field.

IQIS2008 is planned to be the first national conference dedicated to Quantum Information Science.
It will be held at University of Camerino from October 24 to October 29, 2008.

Topics covered:
Quantum algorithms, quantum simulations, quantum complexity, quantum cryptography, quantum information theory, entanglement and non-locality, quantum decoherence, quantum error correction, quantum control, quantum logic, quantum imaging, quantum metrology, quantum processors and devices (quantum optics, NMR and solid state technologies).